Our coordinators offer the skills to match your commitment

Bioforce’s permanent teaching team comprises Programme Coordinators who ensure consistency of teaching across all the courses (content, teaching methodology, assessments, etc.), face-to-face teaching and student support, as well as Learning & Development Coordinators, our experts in the various humanitarian fields in which we offer training (nutrition, logistics, project coordination, and so on).

Teaching team

Our trainers also work for NGOs

Alongside this permanent teaching team, our network of external trainers enables us to cover the diverse range of skills required to face developments in humanitarian professions in the field. Of the typically 300 annual trainers, some are Accredited Trainers. This means that following specific training delivered by Bioforce, they are able to uphold the quality standards of the training courses, the teaching methodology and Bioforce’s values. All our trainers are endowed with a wealth of field experience which enables our students to be attuned to the reality of humanitarian work.

Accredited trainers

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