Our unique teaching approach

Your training course is based on 30% theoretical learning and 70% practical application.

You are regularly put into life-size humanitarian intervention simulations, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (France) for the students of our regional centre for Europe and in the department of Thiès (Senegal) for the students of our regional centre for Africa.

You will learn from humanitarian workers, and you will learn with the material actually being used by the NGOs in the field: pumps, bladders, 4×4, generators, radios… Students on diploma courses, you get involved in community work with local organisations in the Lyon or Dakar area, so that you can put the lessons into practice in real life situations.

Bioforce has a distinctive feature: it is the only school that has this very practical approach!

Christophe Moreau, International HR Manager, French Red Cross (up to 2018)

Life-size exercises

The humanitarian intervention simulation exercises are part of a teaching approach that seeks to give meaning to your learning. With these exercises, experience first hand what a humanitarian intervention is like!

Practice with local organisations

From tutoring middle school teenagers to evening outreach patrols for homeless people, the range of local community actions in which you can take part is vast. A first practical application of your training course, just down the road from your home.

Internships and field assignments: stepping stones to employment

Complete your learning through field experiences: thanks to internships and field assignments, we want you to put into practice everything you have learned during your course, during several months and in different contexts.


The work-study programme in their 3rd and final year is a giant step towards the professional world for our students on the “Responsable de l’Environnement de Travail et de la Logistique Humanitaire” diploma course.

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