We offer training in key humanitarian competencies at home

Independent study sessions with media tools, group work with feedback, progress assessments as well as fun, interactive materials (quizzes, games, etc.) will help you put your knowledge to the test. And you can always count on personal support from the teaching team: we have a drop-out rate of only 5%, ten times less than a standard MOOC!

The course is spread over 4 to 5 weeks, alternating individual sessions (where you can work at your own pace) and group activities. The first few days are spent on activities to help you get to grips with BioMoodle and get to know the other students as well as your trainer.

You can communicate with the other students and your trainer via the BioMoodle forums. Some of the tasks set will also be group work. We encourage participants to exchange contact details and to decided together how they prefer to work as a group.

On completion of one of our e-learning courses, you will be awarded two certificates:

  • an attendance certificate to demonstrate your active participation, in other words completion of 80% of the activities.
  • a certificate of competency, awarded to students who achieve over 10/20 in the final exam and complete 80% of the activities.
All our distance learning courses

The e-learning option makes it possible to approach the course in a completely different way, as the weekly sessions mean you can put things into perspective more easily, do research and therefore understand the different concepts better.

Virginie, e-learning open training course participant.