Attracting the attention of NGOs

Aid organisations, your future employers, are heavily involved in designing the courses: they visit Bioforce’s centres in Europe and Africa several times a year, offering an opportunity for the teams and the NGOs to discuss developments in the humanitarian sector and its professions, and to tailor training courses accordingly.

Their involvement does not stop there: the professionals who run sessions throughout the year are mainly members of the humanitarian community. Whether working at the headquarters of NGOs or in the field, for international organisations or development operators in the public sector, they fully understand the functions, issues and operational contexts therein.

So, these humanitarian organisations hire you because they know that Bioforce’s training perfectly matches their needs.

Partners of our training courses

Bioforce works with NGOs, we are involved and that offers reassurance that your training is adapted to suit.

Florence Daunis, Director of Operations and Technical Resources, ‎Handicap International