How does it work?

Our diploma training courses (over a few months) comprise several ‘course units’, each of which make up a multi-day open course (15 to 20 days on average). By taking the different course units (=open course) which make up a diploma training course you can train in a humanitarian profession of your choice at your own pace and obtain the corresponding diploma.

By training at your own pace, you can fit the course into your own timetable over the course of several years:

  • You simply take the course units (i.e. the continual professional development open courses) which make up the diploma course you have set your sights on.
  • You then complete the “Skills Assessment and Application Period” (6-month humanitarian mission in the field).

Having completed this course at your own pace, you will be awarded exactly the same Bioforce diploma as the one obtained by those taking the diploma course in one go.

Our courses available to take at your own pace:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions?

This course at your own pace is possible within the limit of available places. You must also make sure that you meet the prerequisites of each training unit, detailed in each continual professional development open course.
Please note: it is not possible to follow all the training units in a row in the same year. If you would like to take all the training units in a row, then you are invited to simply apply for the diploma course. However, it is possible to follow two training units in the same year and another training unit in another year.

How do I register?

Registration for these courses at your own pace is done one training unit at a time. All you have to do is register for the training unit you wish to follow first, on its web page. The selection is made by our teaching team on the basis of the prerequisites mentioned on the web pages of each training unit. An interview may be requested by the teaching team if necessary.

Do I have to follow the training units in order?

No, and this is one of the particular advantages of the “at your own pace” courses: you are free! You can follow the training units in any order you wish, as long as you can prove that you have the prerequisites to access each training unit. Please note: the “Skills Assessment and Application Period” (6-month humanitarian mission in the field) must be completed last, after validation of all training units.

How am I assessed?

An evaluation of your skills is carried out at the end of each training unit. You will have to obtain at least the average (10/20) to validate it. In case of failure, no remedial action will be organised. You will then have to attend this training unit again, and pay the fees for it again. At the end of the “Skills Assessment and Application Period”, a report analysing your professional practice and an evaluation by your NGO employer (know-how and interpersonal skills) will be submitted to the examining board awarding the diploma.

When are the diploma awarding examining board organised?

They take place twice a year, in April and November.

What exactly is the “Skills Assessment and Application Period” ?

This period is used to apply in a professional situation all the skills acquired in training in order to demonstrate the acquisition of skills for the given profession. It lasts 6 months and is carried out on a position in a humanitarian context within a humanitarian organisation. The job description must be validated beforehand by your Bioforce training programme coordinator.

How can I pay for the course at your pace?

Payment for the course at your own pace is per training unit and will be requested before the start of each training unit to confirm registration. Fees are detailed on the web pages of each training unit.