A training offer full of new features

Easy access 

With our self-paced diploma courses, you can be trained over several years without taking long absences from your work. The modules that make up these diploma courses are also available individually.

Where you work

In Europe: Lyon et Paris (France)
In Africa: Dakar (Senegal), Bamako (Mali) new, Bangui (CAR) new, Goma and Kinshasa (DRC) new, N’Djamena (Chad), Niamey (Niger), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Yaoundé (Cameroon) new
In the Middle East: Amman (Jordan) and with more places to come in this region
And online!

More online courses

More e-learning courses (+55%) and a large number of face-to-face training sessions that can be delivered online depending on the evolution of the health situation.

A training offer that will help you become an effective and operational aid worker

Get ready for the field

Training courses are designed in collaboration with NGOs, and led by experienced humanitarians. 70% practical applications: case studies and simulations of full-scale humanitarian missions.

Attracting the attention of NGOs

For more than 35 years, Bioforce has been the reference training centre for NGOs: they each year hire more than 80% of our graduates.

Take advantage of an overview of our training courses to find the one that suits you and note it in your agenda!

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