Cyril Cadier

After graduating from Bioforce, Cyril spent 11 years in the field, leading water, hygiene and sanitation missions where logistical and security issues were particularly important. He worked with Intermon Oxfam, Action contre la Faim France, Solidarités International and Save the Children in Asia (Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka…), Africa (Chad, Sudan…) and the Middle East (Iraq).
A Bioforce trainer since 2011, he is now Training Programme Coordinator (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Project Manager, Logistics Manager and Project Coordinator diploma courses) at the Bioforce Training Centre for Europe.

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Diane Cadiergue

A graduate of Sciences-Po Strasbourg and in International Humanitarian Aid (University of Aix-Marseille), Diane has held the position of Desk manager for Latin America and Asia at the headquarters of the NGO Enfants Réfugiés du Monde, then as national coordinator of an associative network carrying out development projects in Morocco. Her career then led her to editorial responsibilities within the WISE initiative (World Innovation Summit for Education), then consultant in the fields of education, innovation and strategic support to aid actors.
Since 2017, Diane is our Training Programme Coordinator (Project Coordinator, Humanitarian Programme Manager and Msc in Humanitarian Programme Management diploma courses) at the Bioforce Training Centre for Europe.

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Abdramane Diallo

Abdramane did his graduate studies in Ghana, Burkina Faso and France at the Sorbonne where he obtained a Master’s degree in International Economics, specialising in development economics. He has many experiences in local and international aid with, among others, the National Union of Cotton Producers of Burkina Faso and the Forum Foundation of Bamako in Mali. In 2007, Abdramane was the first member of the Bioforce team in Africa as Deputy Head of Mission, Project Manager in Health Logistics and in charge of open courses for Africa. He is now responsible for all of our Centre’s training courses in Africa (diploma and open courses).

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Anaïs Faye

After a master’s degree in human resources development at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Anaïs conducted missions within training institutions or companies, before joining Campus France in Dakar to support Senegalese students in their mobility project in France.
In 2017, she joined the brand new regional Bioforce Training Centre for Africa, as Diploma courses officer, before, in 2020, becoming training programme coordinator (Logistics Manager and HR & Finance Manager diploma courses).

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Brigitte Louison

With three years of studies in psychology, a degree in social work and another in logistics in Bioforce (1994), Brigitte went on a two-year international mission with the Association Française des Volontaires du Progrès to set up and monitor an HIV-AIDS centre. This was followed by 4 years in Morocco (sub-Saharan migrants project) and 4 years in Madagascar (nutrition project), before returning to France and joining Bioforce in December 2006 as Career Advisor.

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Philippe Maquet

A graduate of Sciences-Po Bordeaux and in Public Management, Philippe has held positions as HR and Finance Manager in the field with Médecins sans Frontières (Yemen) and Médecins du Monde (Russia, Palestine). He then joined Action contre la Faim’s headquarters as Financial Controller, then as Project Manager for Financial Procedures and Tools / Training. Since 2010, Philippe is Training Programme Coordinator (HR and Finance Manager, Project Coordinator diploma courses) at the Bioforce Training Centre for Europe.

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Nicolas Morel

A Bioforce graduate (Administrator, 2003), Nicolas worked in Sudan, North Africa and Sahelian Africa. These first years allowed him to showcase his multidisciplinary skills, moving from a role as logistics administrator for an Action Against Hunger base in Darfur, to that of project manager in the Saharawi refugee camps, then as head of mission for a Spanish NGO and coordinator of a regional public health programme in Niger and Mali. This last mission served as a stepping-stone for him to fly to Central America for more than 7 years: representative of the Fundacion del Valle in Guatemala, then in Honduras and El Salvador, he then became a consultant, mainly in programme evaluation.
Back in Africa in 2017, Nicolas is since then Training Programme Coordinator (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Project Manager, Project Coordinator diploma courses) at the Bioforce Training Centre for Africa.

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Henri Moussavou

Henri holds post-graduate degrees in Applied Economics and in Territorial Development and Decentralisation. He worked in the Gabonese administration before returning to Senegal to work in various NGOs. Most of his professional career has been put at the service of development within international (Sightsavers, Enda Tiers Monde, RTI International) and national (ADEMAS) NGOs in the WASH, health, planning, environment, C4D and Social Marketing sectors. Henri is a training programme coordinator (Nutrition Project Manager, Child Protection in Emergencies Project Manager, Logistics Manager and HR and Finance Manager diploma courses) at the Bioforce training centre for Africa.

Catherine Perez

Trained as a documentalist, Catherine created and managed Bioforce’s documentation centre for about ten years. She was then in charge of Bioforce’s communications and Alumni network. In 2014, she was appointed training programme coordinator to the Facility and Humanitarian Logistics Manager diploma course.

Yoann Spiridakis

Graduated in electrical engineering, Yoann first acquired a strong experience in electrotechnical maintenance in industry. After an experience as a logistics assistant at the headquarters of the NGO Première Urgence Internationale, he chose to train at Bioforce in 2006 in logistics. He took part in several missions on development projects in Armenia, Burkina Faso, Mexico, etc. Back in France, he became technical site coordinator for Solidarités Jeunesses for 3 years, then logistics coordinator for the Plateforme humanitaire de Romans, where he delivered his first training courses.
After one year’s experience in Serbia as a translator and entrepreneur, he became a reference trainer in logistics. Since 2018, he has been the Training Programme Coordinator (Logistics Manager and Logistician diploma courses).