94 organisations supported with bespoke learning programmes

Organising skills development for national and international teams on new challenges and new ways of operating, addressing specific needs identified by the teams in the field or expressed by their national partners: every year a dedicated team designs bespoke solutions to help aid organisations optimise their operational capacity and develop the skills of their teams and operational partners. These bespoke solutions can take the form of training sessions (24 this year) but also support, organisational analysis, course design as well as impact monitoring for training.

A high point in 2021 was the increasing share of bespoke learning programmes designed for local partners of organisations. Indeed, seven organisations took advantage of the scheme this year to help develop the skills of 80 partners.

A further noteworthy development: 56% of the programmes were implemented remotely (21% in 2020), addressing the challenge of access, especially for participants from different countries.
Although project management remains a highly sought-after skill by our partners, management and human resources management are increasingly in demand (2% in 2020, 20% in 2021).

Bespoke solutions

82 organisations working in response to a crisis context strengthened

In crisis-affected zones, the key to saving lives is to respond quickly and effectively. This also means developing the capacity for a local response to ensure it is sustainable. This is our goal when we support civil society organisations in CAR and in Lebanon, and public institutions such as in Guinea, where we have been working with the country’s National Health Security Agency since 2021.

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in 2021, 5 capacity building projects

In 2021, we are the partner of choice of their staff or their partners’ capacity building